ALERT!  Think 2014.

Charbonneau Arts Association regrets that we will not be having our annual Arts Festival & Showcase this October.  We so appreciate our artists who have shared their art at our past shows and look forward to 2014.

Last year we celebrated our 30th anniversary as an art show.  With such a wonderful milestone, we have decided to take this year to rethink, redesign and reshape our show.  As a valued artist, we hope our 2014 Arts Festival & Showcase will prove worth the wait.

See you in 2014!

Charbonneau Arts Association

How about an art festival and showcase held indoors – in Oregon – in October? That’s what Charbonneau Arts Festival is all about. It takes over the entire Charbonneau Country Club for one great weekend each year.

Proceeds from Saturday’s Showcase and Sunday’s Festival go to Wilsonville and Canby High School Art Departments.

Located in Wilsonville, Oregon, this unique community is the perfect setting for a fall art show, held the first part of October each year.